Non slip fleece- anti creep

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Quick Overview:

This non slip anti creep will help to eliminate your rug or mat creeping problem. 

These pre-cut packs are ideal for standard rug sizes, covering the whole area underneath your mat or rug.

Pick your size below.

This is white anti-slip fleece material that is to be placed underneath your rug.

Make sure you buy enough to cover the whole rug to get the best results.

Sizes available-

- 0.50 x 1.00

- 0.70 x 1.40

- 0.50 x 2.00

- 0.60 x 2.30

- 1.10 x 1.70

- 1.00 x 2.00

- 0.50 x 2.20

- 1.70 x 2.40

Instructions –

Ensure carpet/floor is clean and dust free. Cut rug control underlay 1cm (half inch) smaller than the rug. Place rug on top of underlay and tread down. If placing rug on new carpet, wait 4-6 weeks before using to allow new carpet fibres to stop shedding.

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