About Us

F J Bentley rugs is a family run business established since 1980. Made up of Francis Bentley, Karina Bentley, Jayne Bentley and Kate Bentley.

We are situated just outside Kidderminster town centre where it is known for its carpet industry. Come to our factory showroom where you can see our selection of rugs and ask any questions you want.


Our past

We started by overlocking mats /carpet off cuts and making them in to rugs, these were then sold on the markets.  This grew, by having fringes on the carpets as well as overlocking.

After this we started buying rugs from all over the world, gathering a selection from modern to hand knotted and many more. This area expanded as we learnt more and more about the products.

What we do now

We still overlock rugs but now we also tape rugs and repair rugs if they need it. We can also create a bespoke rug for you, using your sizes and carpet. Our rug selection is bigger than ever, any we have a range of sizes and styles from modern, traditional, hand knotted and oriental. Our knowledge has grown which enables us to find the right rug for you.  You can see some of these rugs in our rug catalogue.