What we do

We are the specialists in carpet edging/ Overlocking/ binding.
There are many terms for edging rugs. Binding and overlocking rugs are the most common, Overlocking a rug helps stop the rug from fraying, it is the same principle with clothing we just use a more heavy-duty machine for the rugs.

Your carpet will be finished in a hard wearing, colour co coordinated yarn. If you like a different colour we can do our best to find other colours for you.

Creating at unique and professional alternative from overlocking.
Taping the edge of rugs, gives your rug a unique and personalised look that can become a centre piece of any room.

Bring In your carpet and we can show you a range of tapes that are available and what will be best for your material.

Stair Runners
Stairs runners are becoming more and more popular with taped edges, as it creates a feature down your stairs.

When ordering your tape for the runners, you need to allow extra for any corners and mitres where the material has to be folded. Also it is advisable that we can leave extra as the fitter can then hide the ends when fitted, for a neater and professional look.
Bespoke Rugs
We can cut and design a rug according to your own specification. All you need to do is bring your sizes into our factory and we can create your individual rug.

Even if you have an off cut of carpet, we can cut and overlock this into your specific size to create a new and unique rug.
You can see on the right images of carpets we have in the factory for you to have as carpet or made in to a rug.

Our bespoke rugs can be caravan mats, car mats, doormats, luxury boat mats, or camper van mats. We will do our best to replicate your mats with new material; just bring in your old templates or new templates and we can create something to your specifications.
Rug Repairs
If you have a rug that needs repairing we give a satisfied service at a reasonable cost. Damage can occur due to years of wear and tear we can make sure that we take care of your valuable rugs and repair your rugs to the best we can.

Our repair services include:
Overlocking the rugs edge where it has become warn,
Taking off fringing if needed and replaced by overlocking
Tapping added to help stabilise and hold the rug where needed.
    Your rug will be repaired by our skilled crafts men and women, who have years of experience within the rug and carpet trade.
    These finishes are attractive, practical and suitable for any setting.

    Please consult our friendly staff with any advice you may need. If you need any further information about any of our rugs or services then please contact us.