Five reasons why you need rugs in your home

Five Reasons why you need rugs in your home

To start off our first blog I am going to tell you a little bit about us.
We are a family business that has been running for 40 years. We sell rugs, overlock and tape carpets in to rugs.
With these blogs I will answer questions that we are asked every day and give knowledge where I can. Some people don’t want rugs in their home I am here to say why they should.

Of course, I would say we need rugs.  Here are five reasons why you need rugs in your home.




Rugs soften rooms add colour and texture.
Some dark rooms need lifting with lighter tones or fluffy pile. The floor below may be a dark wood or tile that gives a striking and practical appearance but does make the room look very dark and cold on the wintry days. This is why a lighter toned rug could add depth and lighten a room when you need it. 
Even hallways with no windows can look very drab and unappealing but this room is used the most navigating you around your home. A runner with pattern helps hide dirt from high traffic areas but also can lighten and add interest to the hallway.


Gastby rug soft and shiny luxurious rug


In some cases, rugs make people happy and complete a room.
The rug can create a grounding feeling giving everything a point to connect to.
Some people prefer to have the rug underneath all of the furniture making an area in a room giving an intimate cosy space, even though the room is open. 
This can also work well underneath a dining room table or in a bedroom.  Centralising each piece of furniture making them anchor down in to position. With also giving a hint of colour or pattern to a much-needed space. Overall making the space more comfortable to be in and easier on the eye.


Galleria rug modern and stylish rug


Rugs can be a talking point, centre piece to living room and dramatic hallways.
Rugs can look like artwork in your main entrance giving a wow factor to your guests once they arrive. Modern style rugs can look like artwork on the floor, having an open space with a lovely rug can make a dramatic space for everyone to enjoy. Especially if you have high ceilings, bigger the rug the better effect you can create. Sometimes the rug doesn’t need to be bold just use of the correct colours and pattern can be your talking point.

You may feel the need to change the room around more frequently, with the right completed tones this can be with just swapping the rug. Maybe in the winter months you need something with warmth either in colour or in the pile. So then in the summer you need something more durable and lighter in tone to add freshness. By just buying two rugs and changing a few cushions you could have completely different looking room. 


Da vinci rug traditional bold eye catching rug


Rugs can be just a mat to wipe your feet on when you enter your home. 
Just your trusty door mat that is used every day when you travel in and out.
It helps stop the dirt getting any further and can welcome you guests when you arrive.
Some people buy washable mats that’s can look good as new after a quick wash.
Other people have carpet made into mats, which can be replaced over and over again and low cost. The carpet mats are used anywhere from under plant pots, log baskets, tables and chairs.
A mat can also be used in small kitchen spaces hallways to protect the tiles on the floor. They can act as your floor protector rather than a stylish or attractive item.


sisal, seagrass, natural rugs for door ways and hall runners


Rugs don’t have to be inside your home, you can have outdoor mats to brighten or make your garden look contemporary.
Out door mats can look very modern and stylish at your BBQs, but they can also protect wooden areas and break up a hard floor. Most outdoor mats are washable meaning you can use the outdoor hose to clean them up if it gets dirty.
Making them an ideal for your outdoor dining area.


Outdoor rugs  flat weave rugs


You must remember that rugs are very versatile and can be used in different rooms around your home. Experiment, change decor and move the rugs to give different style and looks through your home, every home is different and everyone’s taste is different too. 
Rugs are essential in my life even if you just have one to wipe your feet on.

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