Size & Shape of Rugs: What Should I Have in my Room?

Size & Shape of Rugs: What Should I Have in my Room?

In this month’s blog, we are looking at everything to do with the different sizes and shapes of rugs for your home!

A lot of interior designers will advise you to have the rug underneath all of the furniture. This can be a bad idea when the rug has pattern that you want to see, especially when the border has most of the design. The sofa will cover it all and the detail will be hidden.
It can also be a good idea to have the rug underneath all the furniture. It can ground everything in place and make a space a cosy area within the room.
Each room has a distinct area which will lend itself to different types of rugs. Here we have broken down a few of those areas.


Bedroom rugs

The classic idea is to put the whole rug under the bed, but you could have small rugs around the outside of the bed. This is easier to maintain as you can rotate the rugs to help with wear and to clean them. With most rugs they are part of ranges which allows you to buy more than one of the same design. You can then easily buy the same type of patterned rug three or four times over. Making the visual very symmetrical around the bed or in the room.

Standard rug sizes
By the bed - 0.80 x 1.50
Underneath the bed -  
2.00 x 2.90 or 2.30 x 3.30 dependant on the size of the bed

Below are some examples of room arrangements.

Bedroom rug layouts

Living room / Conservatory rugs

The size of the rug in the living room space can bring the room together. Most people look at rectangle shaped rugs but a circle could work better. The circle can create a focal point making a cosy area very intimate. Circles can give more interest with a room that can seem very angular.
Rectangle rugs are still very effective with the living space, especially when everyone sat down wants their feet on the rug. If you have a coffee table be careful not to create and island effect, where your rug seems too small so the coffee table just sits on the rug.
The rug could also sit underneath the furniture creating a grounding effect holding everything in place, which helps to make areas within a large vast room.


Standard rug sizes

By the fire place – 0.80 x 1.50
Other rug sizes for different sized rooms-
1.20 x 1.70, 1.33 x 1. 95, 1.60 x 2.30, 2.00 x 2.90, 2.30 x 3.30.

Below are some examples of room arrangements. 

Living room rug layouts

Entrance room / Hallway rugs

An entrance way needs a rug that can take the tread and also enhance the room.
Most hallways have a runner which comes in many different sizes and will bring some pattern or texture to a small entrance way. This runner will soften the space which is normally seen as a quite harsh and plain space.
If the entrance way is large and dramatic a circle rug could add style to complement a circle table or soften edges. A rectangle rug with striking pattern can give the entrance a theatrical and luxurious feel as you or your guest enter.

Standard rugs sizes

Circle – 1.40 diameter, 1.60 diameter, 2.00 diameter.
Rectangle- 1.20 x 1.70, 1.33 x 1.95, 1.60 x 2.30
Runner- 0.67 x 2.30, 0.67 x 3.30 or custom size carpet.

Below are some examples of room arrangements.

Hallway runner rug layouts


If you need any further guidance on what rug might be right for your space, why not send us a photo of your room setting? Or maybe even bring a photo in with you to our showroom and we can look at this together. We’d be more than happy to advise!

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