Five types of runners to buy

Five types of runners to buy

When buying a runner, it can be for a variety of locations. The hallway is the most obvious but you can also have them in the kitchen or in high traffic areas. This blog gives you a guidance for purchasing your runners.   

    Hallway Runner

Most hallway runners are made for a purpose of stopping dirt but it can also be an addition to the room. You can have patterns to hide dirt but also keep the same theme throughout the house. These hall runners are to soften the floor and interior of the hallway after you have entered the house. Some examples are below.

 Runners hall runners


   Kitchen Runner

Kitchen runners may be situated near an oven or hob where you spend the most time cooking. Some people look for hard wearing runners to cope with use of everyday life. Others choose something softer with a short pile so it can be cleaned easier. Some examples are below.  

 Sisal runner Kitchen runners


   Landing Runner

These are used for a wear factor and for interior aesthetic. Landings can be high traffic areas as you move from room to room. They are needed to blend with the surroundings interior or become a statement on the landing.  This sort of runner can become a trip hazard, so they positioned away from the top of the stairs. See some examples below.

 landing Hall Runners


   Entrance way runners

An Entrance runner is basically used to stop dirt from outside reaching inside the property. These runners are normally very hard wearing and durable mats. Which can be a washable mat that can be used over and over again. Or a natural material called sisal or coir which is very had wearing but used more as a throw away item when it gets very dirty. See some examples below.

 sisal runner door mat


   Caravan and camper Runners

Caravans and camper runners are ideal for protecting the floor underneath especially when it is a wet day. The easy clean floor can become slippery and very cold in the winter. It is difficult enough to stop dirt getting it a building let alone a camper van. The best type of mat would be a washable one, but these tend to be only one size and rectangle. The other alternative is having carpet cut to shape and used as loose lay mats, that can be lifted in and out of the camper or caravan on the very wet days. See some examples below.

carpet mats


Overall, you need to decide whether you want your runner to look aesthetically pleasing and tone with your interior decor. Or if you want it just to be hard wearing durable and do its job of stopping dirt. Visit our website for diverse styles and textured runners or come in and see us.  

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