Ideal rugs for the kitchen

Ideal rugs for the kitchen

When thinking about picking a rug for your home, the kitchen isn’t always the first place a person thinks of. With the wipe clean surfaces and hard wearing flooring, a feature rug can really bring tones of colour and warmth to the space. Kitchens today are meeting rooms for most households and enjoyed for many different occasions, so finding the right rug is important. 


Practical and style

In any kitchen setting you need a low pile hard wearing rug. Some people prefer flat weave so they can keep it clean and don’t create a trip hazard. Here are some examples of flat weave rugs. 

flat weave rug

Social space with comfort

The kitchen can be the place to relax when you have family or friends around after food. The rug would need to be softer under foot but still have dense pile to be cleaned easily. Its can then be shown off in a social space for everyone to enjoy. Here are some examples of low pile rugs. 


Soft canyon rugs galleria rugs



Hard wearing rubber back

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, so the rugs can get a lot of wear. Having a natural product like seagrass sisal and coir can give a modern look but also very serviceable. They all tend to have rubber backs to stable the rug but also can help to reduce movement. Here are some examples of hard wearing rugs. 

 sisal seagrass runner door mats


When having a rug in your kitchen think about size, this can be an important decision as you don’t want the rug to become a trip hazard. Think about what you want to use the space for, if you want it to be practical or bring comfort to the room. Search our Kitchen Rugs for more ideas.


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